About Jesse's Lawns
Jesse Cook is a dependable, flexible and hardworking individual. He is extremely sensitive to the needs of his customers. He will willingly undertake any project that you present to him. He is detail-oriented and very thorough with his work. He is very personable and relates to his customers on their level and meets/exceeds their expectations. Jesse’s desire to accomplish his tasks is evident in his approach to getting the job done and making his customers needs his priority. We have the utmost respect for Jesse and feel extremely happy to share our knowledge of him and his work ethic. And if that is not enough he is a really nice guy!

Tommy & Rose Allen

In these days and times of little human interaction & and even less customer service, it’s so refreshing when you have a good experience with another person who delivers good work and purposes to provide a job well done. Every company is as good as the people who work in and for that company. In today’s environment, there is so much concern for aspects that take away from the actual performance of pride in your finished product. Mr. Jesse Cook of Jesse’s Lawn Care thank you for the exceptional services you provide to Benton Family Health Care and Cleveland Family Health Care !!!

Bill Moats, Ocoee Regional Health Corporation

At 3pm today, I googled lawn care in Cleveland TN and Jesse's Lawn Care came up with good reviews. I called Jesse to see if he could mow my son's lawn (a rental property that he shares with a few roommates) and he said he was just finishing up another lawn and would be able to come right over after that. By the time I drove to the ATM to get cash to pay him (I didn't have any checks with me), and returned (less than 15 minutes later), he was already at the property and mowing the lawn! He did an excellent job, especially since the grass was about 12-18 inches long as it hadn't been mowed in about 6 weeks. He cut, edged and cleaned up the cut grass, and was on his way by 4:15pm! Very fair pricing. I highly recommend Jesse! He was very personable and respectful. I'm going to talk to my son about hiring him to cut their lawn on a regular basis.

Lisa Borquez

This fella is awesome! I called him and asked if he could possibly mow my yard soon Bc it was literally close to knee height. He said he could work it in, and he did within like a half hour!!! I paid him extra since my yard was ridiculous. And, it was still fair! He was great. We will probably have him as our regular lawn care person. Definitely recommend him!

Ashlee Benton

He does Great work, fair pricing, great attitude! If children are outside he answers questions about his equipment. I would recommend him to other people and families

Candice Joy Bennett