Full Service Lawn Care

Exceptional & Meticulous Lawn Care Service in Cleveland, TN

Sit back and enjoy the beauty of your property and let Jesse’s Lawn Care do the sweating and heavy lifting!

Our experienced and highly-trained Landscapers and Lawn Care specialists offer outstanding and superior services. We tailor our services to meet your needs and keep your yard looking its best all year long!

Lawn Mowing

All mows include string trimming and blowing of clippings!

Our lawn care experts provide lawn mowing services for lawns of all shapes and sizes! We pride ourselves on our ability to make your lawn look its best.

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Seasonal Lawn Clean Up

Spring and Fall cleanups are necessary to remove the debris left on the lawn and landscaped areas from past seasons. Let us rake up debris, unwanted seasonal flowers, and leaves, preparing your property for the next season!

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Weed Control

Protect your lawn by eliminating and controlling the pesky weeds that try to invade grass, don’t let your flowers fight for their soil and sunlight! We offer safe and long-term solutions for weed control.

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Lawn fertilization is essential in reaching #lawngoals. Pristine landscapes require planning and ongoing care of your lawn to ensure your landscaping elements receive the nutrients and hydration they need to thrive!

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Lawn Care Aeration

Lawn Aeration allows your lawn and soil to breathe and is a crucial practice to provide your ultimate care. Our Core Aeration Treatment helps control thatch, improve soil and root growth, and open airways for water and fertilizer to reach the lawn’s root system. All lawns will benefit {and thank you} for this service!

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